Diving Adventures on Vanuatu

Diving Adventures on Vanuatu

Hundreds of visitors come to the Vanuatu island group every year, and it’s not difficult to understand why. The beautiful, warm waters surrounding the archipelago offer some of the most exciting, diverse and beautiful dive locations in the world. Calypso-Adventure.com  and Big Blue Diving , located in CoCo Beach and in Port Vila, offers visitors both a PADI five star dive resort. Friendly and professional service is offered to snorkelers and divers of all experience levels. Calypso Adventure is one of the newest snorkelling and scuba diving operations in Port Vila, and benefits from the instruction of a famous Australian Great Barrier Reef dive masters living in the islands of Vanuatu now. Both dive shops are also specializes in snorkelling, and can outfit you and your family, friends or loved ones with quality, well-maintained equipment depending on your need, experience and diving or snorkelling location. We’re happy to recommend both to those looking forward to some open and deep water dives as well as advanced divers. Some of the most popular dive sites that you’ll visit with them are include but are not limited to:

Bougainville Reef

The dive features beautiful coral and anemones along a flat reef that measures 12m to 14m in depth

Awesome Reef

The name of this reef says it all! The reef and dive is located at Pongo Point. The reef drops to a depth of approximately 60m and is chock-full of fish, coral, and fascinating sea creatures

Gotham City

You won’t find Batman here, but what you will find is batfish, which love to accompany snorkelers and divers as they explore the area

Pink Panther

No, you won’t find the Pink Panther here either, but the dive site is very well known for its unusual and beautiful pink anemones

The Cathedral

This dive spot, also located at Pongo Point, it is a huge underwater cavern which opens onto awesome reef. Diving in this region offers you one of the most awesome sites that you can imagine – shafts of sunlight streaming down onto the ocean floor, creating a heavenly world unto itself

Twin Bommies

This dive site offers both snorkeling and diving enthusiasts the opportunity to completely explore the top of a reef that comes to within 6m of the water’s surface

Konanda Wreck

This dive site is extremely popular with divers and snorkelers who love to explore shipwrecks. This 45m ship used to be in Island trader that worked around New Zealand. Badly damaged during Cyclone Uma in 1987, the Konanda was rendered safe and sound as a dive wreck.

Semle Federesen Wreck

This inter-island trading cargo vessel was also deliberately sunk for divers back in 1985. Measuring approximately 30m in length, Cyclone Uma was strong enough to move the wreck to its present location. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for popular diving spots around Efate Island. When you’re finished with your snorkelling or dive tour, check out the Round Island Tour.