Day Tour to Tanna Island: Mt. Yasur

Wouldn't you just love to tell your friends and associates that you actually hiked to a volcano? Mt. Yasur is a relatively small volcano at just about 360m above sea level. It's also regularly active. Tanna is a small island located south of Port Vila and Efate Island. If you take the day tour to visit the volcano, we recommend that you stay at the Yasur Camping Site for the night. The camping site is located near the base of the entrance to the volcano, but you can't get much closer than that. You can reach the volcano by traveling through jungles in 4x4 vehicles for about an hour and a half. It's a bumpy ride, but a fun one! The site is quite spectacular at night and is simply awesome during the day. Vapor clouds hang over the mouth of volcano most of the time. If you stay at Yasur Camping Site near the entrance, you can't enjoy multiple visits, as the volcano is only 10 minutes away from the campsite. This is beneficial to travelers who arrive on the island in the later afternoon. Of course, you can also stay at more modern accommodations on the island, but if you do, be prepared for the 90-minute drive to the volcano and back. You can also see the volcano during a day trip with Unity Airlines. Unity Airlines offer a Tanna Island Yasur Volcano Day Safari, which usually departs from Port Vila Airport around nine o'clock in the morning, arriving back in Port Vila at about five o'clock in the evening. The scenic one-hour flight to Tanna gives you the opportunity to not only appreciate the spectacular view of Port Vila Harbor and south Efate Island, but also Erromango and its beautiful coastline as well. You'll be taken to the volcano by the four-wheel-drive safari staff, who will welcome you at the airport and take you to a local resort for refreshments. The tour typically begins around 11 o'clock in the morning. Along the way to the volcano in your 4-wheel drive vehicle, enjoy local villages, beautiful scenery, and surround yourself with the aroma, sights and sounds of the area. The closer you get to the volcano, the more you'll begin to see volcanic ash plains. Visitors typically reach the top of the summit at about noontime. A10-minute walk from the parking area to the rim of the crater will give you a glimpse into the immense power of one of the world's most accessible yet active volcanoes. Imagine the stories you can tell your friends!