Cascade Waterfalls

You haven't seen a beautiful tropical waterfall until you've laid your eyes on the Cascade Waterfalls. The waterfalls are located a mere 15 minutes outside of Port Vila. You'll have to climb to the waterfall, but it's not difficult. Take our word for it -- you'll be greatly rewarded for your efforts. Get up close and personal with the waterfalls. Stick your feet in the water and take the opportunity to swim under the waterfall itself. The Cascade Waterfalls overflow from an underground spring. The water is always clear, cool, and extremely refreshing. There are five pools located at the top of the waterfalls that you can jump into and play in. You can walk back down to your starting point at the stream or on the hiking trail. If you take the hiking trail up and back, plan on spending between one hour and an hour and a half for your hike plus whatever time you spend in the water. If you take the stream back down, give yourself a couple of hours and take a pair of shoes that will protect your feet against the pebbles on the stream bed. Of course, enjoying such an adventure may be the highlight of your day, but the waterfall itself is no slouch. It is literally one of the most restful, exotic, and peaceful locations that you can imagine. If you take the hiking trail, you’ll be within easy access of a great waterhole for cooling off when you get down to the bottom.

Cascade Waterfall Vanuatu

A series of pools created by the waterfall lead up to an approximately 50m drop. The waterfall pools can be swum in and are a comfortable temperature yearround. There's even a hidden cave under one of them. The colors of the flowers and shrubbery surrounding the pools and the waterfall itself are exquisite and the view from the top simply amazing. You can visit Cascade Waterfalls by yourself or with a tour. Be sure to pack a bathing suit if you want to swim, and waterproof shoes or swimming shoes. In order to reach the top waterfall, you'll need to wade in the water, so don't forget the swimming suit unless you don't mind wading in the water in your clothes.